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Khalil Jaffer

[02/11] In Search of Orthodox Islam – Br. Khalil Jaffer – 2nd Muharram 1439

admin Dec 12

MP3 audio: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Masumeen/2017-09-22-KhalilJaffer.mp3

Common reasons cited for Shī‘ah Islam being a heterodoxy.
The climate in Madīnah before and immediately after the Prophet (ṣ) passed away.
Shī‘ah vs. Sunnī narratives.
How should we define ṣaḥāba in Orthodox Islam?
Is Shī‘ah faith anti-ṣaḥāba?
Ṣaḥāba in Qur’ān and ḥadīth.
Ahl al-Bayt (‘a) in Qur’ān and ḥadīth.

— Date: 2nd night of Muharram 1439 / September 22nd, 2017
— Occasion: Muharram 1439 / 2017



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